Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

In our school we encourage everyone to have the highest expectations of themselves and each other as together we Learn to Lead our Lives.

We are proud of our students’ academic achievements.  Just as importantly, we are a school that cares.  We believe that students need to feel comfortable and secure in order to learn and, as a school, we put as much emphasis on creating a supportive and happy environment as we do on academic success.  We achieve both.

I look forward to working with you to ensure the very best learning and life for the young people in our care.

Vaughan Davies

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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Monmouth Comprehensive School is a stimulating and purposeful environment where all students are challenged to achieve their full potential.  From the team building induction day through to results day, each student follows his or her personal pathway to success and fulfilment.

The academic curriculum is structured to allow clear progression, accreditation, considerable personal choice and flexibility.  Realistic and appropriate course choice at the outset is seen as vital to maximising success.  Each student's requirements are assessed individually and progress throughout the Sixth Form is carefully monitored and reported to parents each term.  Contact with parents is given a high priority.

A comprehensive programme of tutorial interviews and guidance events exist to assist and support students as they proceed to University, training or the workplace.  Personal development and high quality advice and guidance are of major importance to the School, as are complementary activities to broaden students' educational experience.

Members of the Sixth Form provide a lead in the following areas

  • in the School Council
  • in supporting younger students
  • in working for local, national and international concerns
  • in many other extra-curricular areas

This work is highly valued in the school.  The Sixth Form aims to provide students with the variety of experiences and opportunities to enable each individual to develop the confidence, self-discipline and working habits needed for democratic citizenship and to maximise success in their future.




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