Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School, and to our website.

We are absolutely determined to provide an exceptional standard of education for every child that comes to our school, so that they have the opportunity to lead happy and successful lives. In order for that to happen, our students need to do two simple things - work hard and be kind.

We are a welcoming and caring school that also has exceedingly high expectations of every single one of our students. We take great pride in enabling them to grow and to flourish.

Hugo Hutchison

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Below you will find details of the instrumental lessons offered at Monmouth Comprehensive School. It is designed to ensure that Parents and Students are informed of all aspects of the service.

Lessons can be setup via

and the parent portal

For information on bursaries available please see -

Instrumental Teachers and teaching days

Lessons take place in Rooms 130, 134, 135 and instruments can be stored in the cupboards opposite these rooms. Please check the notice board for timetables.

Day Tutor Lessons
beginning w/c
9 September 2019
beginning w/c
16 September 2019

Dr E Gibbins

Mrs N Aston
Mrs C Williams
Tuesday Drum Kit and
Mr P Morgan
Mr S O'Neill
Mrs C Swayne
Wednesday Woodwind
Mrs A Edmunds
Cello & Bass
Mrs R Waters
  Jazz Band
Theory Class

Mrs A Edmunds

Guitar & Bass
Mr D Griffiths
Miss S Murfin



Y7/8/9 Choir

Information for Parents

The provision of Instrumental Lessons is a Partnership Agreement between Parents, Gwent Music and School to offer the widest opportunities for students to broaden their Music education. Students gain greatly from the study of an instrument, both intellectually and socially through membership of ensembles.

Gwent Music provide tuition for various instruments/voice in a variety of lesson options, small group and individual tuition. It is recommended that students grade 4+ receive individual lessons for best performance/progression.

Lessons take place throughout the school day and are completed on a rotational basis throughout the term. This ensures that students do not continually miss the same lessons. There are rare occasions where students lessons may be scheduled during part of a lunch or break time.

Parents agree to:

Register using the Gwent Music website and parent portal to ensure lessons begin at the start of term.

Provide an instrument (These are sometimes available to borrow from School or Gwent Music Support Service. It is also possible to purchase instruments at a discounted price. Please ask your instrumental teacher or Mrs Ritter for more information)

Buy music as required (Parents are reminded that the photocopying of music is illegal)

Pay for Graded Examinations

Pay for an accompanist at Graded Examination where required

Encourage regular attendance at lessons

Encourage regular practice at home

Encourage attendance at School Orchestra and other ensembles as appropriate

Encourage attendance at School concerts and other events

Encourage attendance at District and County ensembles as appropriate.

Tuition will be arranged once peripatetic staff have received confirmation on their live teacher app.

The School/Gwent Music agrees to:

Provide a regular service of tuition and ensemble opportunities.

Monitor students’ attendance and progress

Provide an annual written report and an opportunity to discuss progress with the teacher.

Arrangements for Graded Examinations

Graded Music Examination are an important aspect of student’s music education and development. The Examinations are accredited by QCA and the higher grades count towards points for UCAS University entrance.

When a student is ready to take a Graded Examination, parents will receive a letter from their instrumental teacher with information and a form from Gwent Music Service. This form should be completed and returned with the appropriate fee to Gwent Music Service by the closing date.

Parents and students are expected to find a suitable piano accompanist for Graded Examinations which will be at an additional cost unless specified by their instrumental teacher.

Commitment from Students

Students are expected to:

Attend lessons regularly and promptly as per the rota situated in the Music area and published on the school website

Inform subject teachers of the need to leave their lesson as soon as the lesson begins, not just when the instrumental lesson is due

Produce the Music Pass, if asked, while out of class

Return immediately to class after the instrumental lesson and ensure any work missed is made up

Carry out regular practice at home

Take Graded Examinations when appropriate

Attend School Orchestra and/or other ensembles as appropriate

Participate in School concerts and other events as required

Give full support to District and County activities where appropriate

On the rare occasion it may be impossible to attend an instrumental lesson, the teacher concerned must be informed BEFORE THE LESSON either personally, or by leaving a note in the teaching room.  Where possible lessons will be rearranged.

Timetables will be displayed on the music lessons notice board on floor 1 PEA corridor and will also be on the school website once finalised.

Care of Instruments while in School

As students have to move around the campus a great deal during the day, the School provides limited space for students to store their instruments. This is only possible with the co-operation of all those who use the facility.

Instruments should be labelled clearly with the student’s name on the outside AND the inside of the case.

Instruments should be left tidily in the storage cupboards opposite the peri rooms on floor 1 PEA so that no damage is caused to other instruments. Please put smaller instruments on the shelves so there is room on the floor for larger ones.

Great care should be taken to ensure the correct instrument is taken home – other students may have similar cases.

Instruments are left at owner’s risk. The School will not take responsibility for loss or damage to any instrument.

Instruments should not be left in School overnight, at the weekend or during the school holidays.

The school strongly advises that parents insure all instruments. Please keep a note of the instrument’s make and serial number.


Students have the opportunity to join the various groups according to their instrumental and vocal expertise. When they reach the required standard, they have the chance to audition for membership of County and National Ensembles. Several students have recently represented the school at National level. For further information please see Gwent Music Service website

Participation in ensemble performance is an important aspect of a student’s musical development and all students are strongly encouraged to join whichever groups may be applicable to them.


Orchestra – All students are invited to join the Orchestra. Rehearsals take place on a Friday from 3-4pm. Music will be available for all abilities.

Choir – All students are invited to Choir which rehearses on Friday breaktime in room 240.

Jazz Band – Anyone interested in Jazz Music is welcome to attend Jazz on Wednesday breaktime in 246.

Boys’ vocal group – rehearse on Monday breaktimes in 240.

String Ensemble – rehearse on Thursday breaktimes in 246.

Percussion Ensemble – rehearse on Thursday after school in the percussion peri room.

If students are participating in any Gwent Music Ensembles it is expected that they must attend and support their School groups and Orchestra in line with County Policy.

Important Musical Dates 2019-20

These events have already been arranged for this year. In addition, the School is often invited to participate in charitable concerts in the town and wider community. Other musical events often happen throughout the year. Parents and students will be notified of these as and when they occur.

Autumn Concert – 22 October TBC

Carol Service rehearsals – 17/18 December

Carol Service St Mary’s – 18 December

Awards’ Evening – 19 December

Whole School Carols – 20 December

Spring Showcase – 26 February TBC

MFY Regional Contest – 6 March TBC

MFY Regional Contest - 13 March TBC

Music Transition Day - 20 March TBC

Summer Showcase – 18 June

Gwent Music Showcase, St David's Hall - 6 July TBC

National Festival of Music for Youth Concert, Birmingham - 6 July TBC

Lower school show rehearsals – 6/7 July

Lower school show production – 8/9 July

Students will be made aware of which events apply to them.  Parents and friend are always encouraged to join the audience on these occasions to support the students in showcasing their collective talents.



Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

In our school we encourage everyone to have the highest expectations of themselves and each other as together we Learn to Lead our Lives.

We are proud of our students’ academic achievements.  Just as importantly, we are a school that cares.  We believe that students need to feel comfortable and secure in order to learn and, as a school, we put as much emphasis on creating a supportive and happy environment as we do on academic success.  We achieve both.

I look forward to working with you to ensure the very best learning and life for the young people in our care.

Vaughan Davies

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