Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School, and to our website.

We are absolutely determined to provide an exceptional standard of education for every child that comes to our school, so that they have the opportunity to lead happy and successful lives. In order for that to happen, our students need to do two simple things - work hard and be kind.

We are a welcoming and caring school that also has exceedingly high expectations of every single one of our students. We take great pride in enabling them to grow and to flourish.

Hugo Hutchison

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Faculty Leader: Mrs R Porter

The incorporation of Geography, History and Religious Education and Philosophy and Ethics encompasses the full range of Humanities within one area.

We aim to promote a shared vision of creating a plethora of opportunities for students to study topics and joint projects across these disciplines in a variety of media. A number of field visits and extra-curricular activities throughout the year will further enhance students’ learning and enjoyment of these diverse subject areas.

In Year 7, students follow a skills based integrated curriculum that covers the subject areas of Geography, History and RE. The course gives students the opportunity to bring their own experience to discussions and allows for choice within set tasks, in order stimulate interest and enthusiasm for learning. The course takes students through topics ranging from Medieval Monarchy, Rites of Passage and Topical Geography.


Lead for KS3 Humanities with responsibility for Geography: Mr A Curnow

Geography is a unique subject! It bridges the worlds of science and social science and seeks to interpret the 'real world' for students of all ages and abilities.

Particularly important is the opportunity for all students to take part in fieldwork.  Geography is a popular and successful option subject at GCSE and in the Sixth Form.


Subject Leader: Mrs R Porter

History is a popular subject at Monmouth Comprehensive School.  We believe that understanding our past is vital to understanding our present and to forging the future.  Taught by a passionate and committed team of historians, we offer our students a unique doorway to explore their past through the use of a variety of media and learning opportunities.  To support our classroom learning, we use artefacts and skills based learning to allow our students to enquire into the past.

We believe such variety allows our students to build a range of essential transferable skills from literacy, numeracy and digital competency to critical thinking, citizenship and empathy.


Subject Leader: Mrs S Perry Phillips

The beliefs, practices and values of several world religions delivered in a dynamic and thought-provoking way has led this subject to be extremely popular in school.

All students are encouraged to think about the different beliefs that people hold throughout the world.  This equips young people with the knowledge and skills to live in a pluralistic, multi-cultural society.



Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to Monmouth Comprehensive School

In our school we encourage everyone to have the highest expectations of themselves and each other as together we Learn to Lead our Lives.

We are proud of our students’ academic achievements.  Just as importantly, we are a school that cares.  We believe that students need to feel comfortable and secure in order to learn and, as a school, we put as much emphasis on creating a supportive and happy environment as we do on academic success.  We achieve both.

I look forward to working with you to ensure the very best learning and life for the young people in our care.

Vaughan Davies

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